How to install SSL Certificate to a sub domain "w"?

While I am creating SSL certificate in IF, I want to install a certificate for “w.mydomain”
Then it tells me not to include “www”. In fact I just included “w”.

Website URL

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Error Message

Please do not include the www. prefix on a domain name.

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Other Information

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Thanks for sharing the info — Looks like Admin made a mistake in checking the domain.

You have to wait for him to fix the issue.
Also make sure that the “w.” subdomain is already added to your account. (Although it don’t really matter here for this issue.)

One letter subdomain is not allowed I think


The hosting system may be weird about it, but you should still be able to create an SEL certificate.

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There was an error (or rather a design flaw) in the check that’s supposed to block www. subdomains. That’s fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


OK. I will look for a feedback portal.
Because it seems like there’s no human listening to my form.

Not at all.
I tried another subdomain
That entry was successful.

Check again. Our admin already fixed the problem and replied to you right here:

You are using it right now — it’s this forum.


If you try to create a one character subdomain on free hosting, you will encounter this error


Quite surprised free SSL tool does not have this restriction in place.
Which was why I said this


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