How to install Pimcore

Hi Forum!
I’ve searched your forum and google for solving my problem but I couldn’t find any solution by any chance. I’m trying to install Pimcore via Softaculous. The install process proceeds till 98% then it stops mostly without any message. Is there any chance to install Pimcore on a free account?

Username (epiz_27435462) or Website URL (

Error Message

On one try I got this error message:

  • innodb_filer_per_table = ON is required.
  • Could not make the query numbered: 7
    MySQL Error No: 1071
    MySQL Error: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes

Other Information

So is there any chance to install Pimcore properly on a free account?
A troubleshooting workaround would be really nice.

Thx for your help

InnoDB isn’t supported in free hosting.


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