How to get my site(files) back

Previously, I had two accounts, came back few days ago and found that one site is gone, I can’t see it on the control panel, from the list of my accounts.

I need to know if by any means the site(files) can be retrieved, because the site was still under development and I had no backup at the moment of that accident.

My website URL was:, free hosting package.

The site cannot be recovered after deletion, so you have to start over.

The site had not any real user as it was still under development, so I’d be thankful to get even the files only so that I can continue building from where i left off…

We don’t have any backup served on free hosting, nor does the free hosting offers backups for you. You must keep the backups on your computer next time!

I only see one hosting account on your profile, and I don’t see any records indicating there was ever any other account which may have been deleted now.

Do you have any other information about this other account I can use to see where it is? Like a domain name or username?

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