How to fix this problem?

hi all i have one stupid problem i have some site like imageboard but little bit previously i try to write new version of this site and get some ban (i not remember fully) but how i understand for not optimized searching with request like select * from *

after unblock i bringed back old site version and get some strange problem after any update or delete files i still get my deleted new site verion on server (these files deleted from server)

but i have some new version of my site (after deliting) and now some errors from index.php of new site when on hosting stay old site with old index.php

i try to delete all and create another account but its still not help, i have domain name and i forget unhook this before, i know problem from this but i detouch and bring to new account and still have this problem someone know how to fix it?

sry im idiot i not turn off my local server where is turned on listening from all ip adreses :confused:

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I am not sure I understand what the problem is. Additionally, please provide your URL.


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Problem is already solved.


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