How to enable cloudflare?

I really don’t understand how to enable cloudflare.
Before I used openshift and I simply changed the nameservers from godaddy to cloudflare, I created a simple cname and a www cname and one alias in openshift and everything worked out easily.

I saw a cloudflare button in the cpanel but when I activate it I get this error: CLOUDFLARE ERROR : CloudFlare is already activated for “domainname” under a different account. If you want to enable CloudFlare through this partner, please log in to your CloudFlare account and choose “Disconnect” on your CloudFlare DNS Settings page.

To connect through Cloudflare do I still need to add the custom domain into vistapanel and where should I point the nameservers form godaddy?

Could you please describe the theps on how to connect the custom domain to the infinity free hosted website?

I would also like to benefit from cloudflare’s free SSL certificate

Many thanks and keep up the great job!!

You already asked that question a week ago, remember? You can find it here:

Please read through those replies first. If you still have any questions regarding the answers given there, please ask it on that topic.


I remember the thread, but nobody answered my question. Furthermore someone asked his question in my thread and Mike answered his question. Mine is still not responded.

Please explain me here how can I enable cloudflare.




I replied to that topic yesterday but didn’t get any response there. Please continue the discussion in that topic rather than posting all the new responses in this topic.