How to Edit front end by connecting html editor

Good Day

I am new on this Platform and i have created a website and modified its content, now i would like to edit its styles and gaping using HTML editor.
can anyone assist, how to connect/access my website on HTML editor ?

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website was developed on Prestashop.

You can use one of the File Managers available either from the Client Area or the Control Panel. Then go to the assets/css directory of the PrestaShop theme you are trying to edit and right click on a file and click on “Edit”. You should see the editing page, where you can edit the files and save them after you have finished.

Thanks for your reply

in control panel, unable to find “Assets/css”…

Go to this location on the File Manager available on the Client Area:
htdocs/themes/{the theme you’re trying to edit}/assets/css, then open the custom.css and edit it.

Thanks, i found it.

but my changes are not reflected on live page.

Reload with Ctrl and F5 pressed together.

Perfecto… it worked as expected.

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