How to delete my account

How to delete my account and how to remove DNS because i want to point domain another paid hosting i already delete my domain from control panel but your DNS still not remove yet.

So you’ve moved your domain name to a new hosting provider, you’re paying them to give you a working website, and then you come here and say we should fix your website? Even though you already deleted the domain from our systems?

You’re paying a hosting provider to give you a working website! Ask them why they are not doing that!

If you remove the domain from a hosting account, then all the DNS records we have for your domain are deleted. So our DNS is removed, regardless of what happens to any hosting accounts which ever hosted this domain in the past.

If you were moving the domain name to us, I would send you this article:

But since you’re moving to another provider, you need to ask your new hosting provider why their hosting doesn’t work.


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