How to create a payment successful page that can be accessed through one link

I want to know how to create a page that can be accessed through one link, that is a private webpage for payment. I want a page that can’t be accessed directly through the link and can be accessed only through one link/button.

You can use elementor if using WordPress to create landing pages (thank you page). Or you can find templates written in html, css etc. You can then link it in a button on your checkout page. This article might help you in creating such pages in wordpress with some example:
How to Create a Perfect Thank You Page (27+ Examples) (

what do I have to search to find templates in html, (Note: I am using html css and js and not wordpress)

@OfficialGrootNetwork, I couldn’t understand whatv you meant. You might search this:
thank you page in html, css - Google Search
But this article might help you to create such a page using html, css, javascript…
Create a Custom Thank you page with Auto-redirect (

The thing is I want a page that can’t be accessed directly, like a payment successful page which shows when someone buys something from my store but the webpage should be accessed only if someone buys something and if someone opens the webpage it wouldn’t open.

For Example:

Someone buys shoes from my store and he gets redirected to but I do not want anyone to visit directly here and it can only be accessed if someone buys something from my store.

This discussion on stack overflow might be the solution to your answer I guess:
php - How to prevent a user from directly accessing my html page by writing URL? - Stack Overflow

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ok thanks for help this is what I needed

Anytime! Btw just out of curiosity what time of shop is your website?

It is a minecraft server website store is under construction, if you want to check out website here is link:

The UI looks amazing! Keep it up! Just make sure to comply with the terms and conditions and fair usage policy, Just to be careful, you know.

Try PayPal pay button with the page redirect feature

@OverloadedTech, as far from what I know, we have to request an approval from Paypal to implement the button. Using local payment gateways is better, as it is just the beginning of this store.

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Yes i know but i tink is is the best and more secure method

Elementor + Wooconmerce is not a bad alternative

Yes, I too agree, but for starters it is not recommended

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Yes, try (for now) Elementor with Wooconmerce

But i think that @OfficialGrootNetwork, is not using WordPress, he is using custom code (html, css).



Ok, i raccomend for you Elementor with Wooconmerce and after PayPal.
Use what you want