How To Contact Admin

Hello, I need to contact admin about my personal subject. Can u pls send me a pm sir ? @admin

Admin does not respond to personal requests. This is free hosting, and you are not paying for support. If you need help, please google it, or ask it here. (Or you can upgrade to premium for 1 on 1 support.)

The only exception is if your site is taken down for abuse, in that case, you can make a ticket in the client area.

Also, please don’t ping the Admin, he has those turned off.


Okay but be relax, I don’t need support about hosting, I’m just should ask a question to admin. You are moderator, can u pls help me for contact him ?

As I said,

What is the question? If you don’t want it public, you can PM me (click my icon)

Also, I am not a moderator, just someone who enjoyed spending his time (may too much of his time) here helping others. (Modorators have a shield next to their icon)


I don’t answer those tickets either, iFastNet staff is responsible for those.

In some cases, you can send an email to [email protected]. I do check those myself. But anything like support or help or custom offers will be ignored.


I did not know that, thanks!

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