How to configure domain name to show in address bar


I recently added a parked domain livelifeintheflow to the site and have configured the DNS settings to point to infinityfree’s DNS.

When I type in livelifeintheflow dot org the site correctly loads the site but the address bar still says

I cannot figure out how to get the address bar to show

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Since you are using WordPress, you will need to change your site URL.


That’s because you are using parked domain


Not really. When a domain is added to an account as a parked domain, it only shares the same files as the domain is was connected to.

A redirect is not automatically setup.


Thank you for the assistance.

I did change the URL site address name to but then it throw CORS errors about blocking access to the fonts…

It also makes the site look broken…is there a way to get rid of the subdomain and just have the domain?

Remove the custom domain from the account, add it as an addon domain.

Move all the files to /


OK I keep messing things up so I’ll give that a try,
thanks again!

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