How to change what the website is catogorized as

I work on my school computer and I cant access my own website becuase it says that it is catagosized as “general.”
how can I change what my website is catogorised as?

That’s an issue at your end, not ours. I expect your school system automatically detects the category of the website.

Typically web administration services (Cisco, Cloudflare, e.t.c) are the one who categorizes your websites. Your school could be pulling the information from categorizing services like Cisco, or could be evaluating it themself. What it is categorized as could be determined by anything from meta tags to even webpage content (text nodes, HTML elements, e.t.c; Web scraping is a thing).

One thing that would be worth a try is to change your meta tags. It is likely that your school’s monitoring software reads the meta tags.

Because you probably don’t have meta tags set up (when I visited the site it showed the infinityfree default page, which probably sets meta tags by default and is probably what triggered the “general” category), you should use your file manager (located in your account section on the infinityfree client area) to edit your index page. In the <head>, add meta tags. An example would be like so:
<meta name="description" content="Totally legit website!">
If you want to get a list of the meta tags, W3Schools has a good documentation on it for starters to HTML. If you are a bit more advanced in web development/design, Mozilla gives a more detailed description.

In addition, your domain name might be the cause of the categorization.

Try changing your domain.

There are tutorials here on how to do so - you can search for them.


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