How to change MX, TXT, CNAME for subdomain

Hi, how i can set a custom mx, txt, cname for subdomain?

like this

It’s on your domain registrar site > DNS Management or anything similar to that.

I never tried changing MX record, so I can’t tell for sure whether you could do that or not

Edit: Subdomain is part of primary domain, so its settings should be done in same place as your domain account

MX DNS: cPanel → MX Entry;
TXT DNS: idk, probably no way.
CNAME: cPanel → CNAME Records

P.S: InfinityFree disallows you to manage most of DNS records on your domain, you can do some trick with cloudflare and do it up there.

Also: InfinityFree provides emails for your domain and you can use them instead of the ones you probably trying to use.

An actual TXT record tool is not available, but the first TXT record shown is called an SPF record. And SPF records can be configured through the SPF Records tool.