How to Add A record in DNS

Hello , i dont seea place where to add A record in dns setting . I need to add google A record to link my blogspot and my subdomain .Thanks

You can’t add A records on free hosting, unless you use your own nameservers, because our Control Panel with our nameservers can only manage CNAME, MX and SPF records.


While you can’t add A records here, you may be able to setup your domain with CNAME records.

If you create a CNAME record in your control panel pointing to your Blogger subdomain (e.g., that should also send the traffic to right IPs on Blogger’s system.

I know that this setup works with Google Firebase Hosting, so it may work with Blogger too.


Interesting, can we have some more explaination?
Just asking don’t do it if you don’t want :slight_smile:

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