how to access gmail through IMAP in webmail / website?

I’d like to access my gmail emails - which is blocked at work :frowning: - and was thinking that webmail would let me access it through IMAP. It doesn’t look like it does, does someone have another idea ? Was thinking of installing a light email client on my site for that purpose, do you have experience/recommendation with that?
Thanks for your help

You can’t use our webmail client with mailboxes hosted elsewhere, but you can upload your own webmail client to your InfinityFree hosting account. The software we use is called RoundCube, but you can find multiple webmail clients in Softaculous.

I got set up in less than 10 minutes (after solving issues w/ gmail login - like allowing ‘unsecure’ apps and DisplayUnlockCaptcha) and it works!
amazing, thank you