How many times take to update this php 8.2

You don’t have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server.
Error is comming while redirecting too this domin
Please help me

Your website is working fine for me …

Where are you seeing that error message?


i want to redirect this domin to this
while redirecting i face this error You don’t have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server.

If you log into your Infinity Free account and go to Control Panel > Redirects

Can you set your redirect from there instead of doing it in PHP?

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In your redirect, just leave off the “?i=x” parameter at the end of the url.

Just redirect to

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i leave off that only but still …

Can you tell me any other way… i try .htaccess but i also showing 403 error

Remove any .htaccess files you have set up. Remove any PHP or Javascript or Meta refresh directs from your code — the go to Control Panel > Redirects and set it up to redirect to

still same issue now on [] this domain 403 error come up and while redirecting same issue i faced…

Can you confirm your files are in HTDOCS?

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yeah but i want to redirect it but its showing error.
if you have any solutions please tell me

I just tested your domain redirect and it works fine on my tablet. I typed and it redirects to

Make sure you clear your browser cache and cookies and try to reload.


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