How many addon (dotcom) domains can we add in one free account


Addon Domains Query:
For one free account how many (dotcom) domains can we add in addition to main dot com domain for one account without getting the account suspended.


This is subject to fair usage


Thanks for your quick reply.
Can you guide me about fair usage policy ?

You can read about it here



If you plan to add a lot of domains which serve different content
then consider using this option as well:

Inode limits (source is here)

Here are a few ways you may be able to create some room:

Does your account have multiple domain names assigned to it? If so, you may be able to move those domains to separate hosting accounts on the same client area profile. Please note that you cannot have more than 3 hosting accounts though.

In short - you divide it into three hosting accounts


The maximum addon-domain limit is 999 (source MOFH). There is nothing so-called unlimited in this world! Everything is limited instead.

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Much true ( Noting is unlimited ) In this hosting it self you have lot of limites

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