How i can swap from to domain without creating another account?

I have a site that is on and i want to change it to but i don’t know how, and i don’t want to create another account and put everything there, any help?

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for static websites (not wordpress, etc.)

  1. control panel > subdomains > add here new one

  2. copy all files from old your.epizy/htdocs to new one

  3. “remove” epizy from your acc

BUT if you already have visitors (with bookmarks in browser to your old address)
than you need to create 301 redirect to new address (to not have double results in google search, etc.)

301- create .htaccess file in htdocs folder of old address with this content (modify it of course)

# redirect from old to new address
Redirect 301 /

if the website is dynamic (wordpress, etc)
you need to backup, set up and edit a lot of settings to reflect the new state

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