How does the domain thing work?

So, I’ve added my main domain to InfinityFree and it says you can remove the nameservers and change them to yours once its added?
How exactly does this work? Do I get an IP address to add an A record or something like that?

Any suggestions?
I did say yesterday that I wasn’t gonna do this but after thinking i thought why not

You can view the IP address of your website in the client area. Under Account Details is a field “Website IP”.

If you set your own nameservers to point the root domain and the www subdomain to that IP address, and then set your domain name to your own nameservers, your website should continue working without downtime.

But just to be clear: using third party nameservers isn’t formally supported. You’re welcome to do it, but you’re responsible for making sure it’s all setup correctly.

So I make Glue Records or add that IP address to an A record that points to my root domain?

So, I add my domain to the cpanel with the nameservers for, then change the nameservers back to my cloudflare nameservers and then add an A record in CloudFlare for the IP address? Or do I do it another way?

That’s it.

kk :slight_smile:

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