How do you use a plain html file as yor webpage

read title /

Just rename it to index.html and make sure it is in /htdocs directory


Just create an empty index.html file in the /htdocs directory via FileZilla etc. Add a skeletal emmet abbreviation in the file to show the website name etc.

Go into your client area, click the FILE MANAGER button, then navigate to your htdocs folder and create a file there called index.html (or whatever file you have specified as the index from within your .htaccess file - you don’t have to use index.htm or index.html if you don’t want to…)

Additionally, I find it useful to specify a second index file within my .htaccess, such as index2.html - and put this as the first one in the list of index files. If this file exists, then apache will attempt to serve it, and if it doesn’t exist, then it attempts to serve the next one on the list.

This is a quick and easy way to take your website offline when you are performing maintenance, etc, you just upload an “index2.html” file - I have one with a simple title saying “OFFLINE FOR MAINTENANCE” and a nice little explanation message with a duration and ETA.

When the maintenance is complete, I just delete the “index2.htm” file, and the website instantly comes back online without any tinkering needed.

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