How do I use angularjs from softaculous, help plz

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I am trying to use angularjs framework, but it seems not working. I installed it from by clicking softaculous and javascript, but not working.
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Hi and welcome to the forum !

what type of installation you have chosen?
Original Package - package as available from the scripts website
or Just the Javascript Library files ?

Please try visiting this location putHereyourDomain/angular/

and if all goes well you should see

but if you don’t know anything about angularJS and you were attracted only by the description inside Softaculous, then you can find out more info here AngularJS

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I did full installation and saw the saw saying installed successfully as you posted.

but as I use angularjs framework creating new component and try to visit the url like mydomain/path/sub-path(newcomponent) the browser always showing 404 , redirected to
Is there example showing how to use angluarjs , is very helpful since softaculous provided it, it doesn’t useful if no one knows how to apply it on our host, right?
Thanks your answer and please give more details :smile: :100:

FYI. please try to visit and , the second is showing 404 and redirect.

on my local environment, I have angularjs installed, where I created project and modules. The folder contains files like this picture. How could I have the same on my account and make it work like local, thanks.

I think you’ll need to set up a .htaccess file on your hosting account to make sure that all unknown URLs are routed to the AngularJS app. Here is a StackOverflow post with a few examples which may work:

Note that these are for Angular, the sucessor to AngularJS. AngularJS is quite old already, it was a big deal 5 years ago, but nowadays the cool kids seem to be using mostly React and Vue. AngularJS is going End Of Life next year.


good to know, will check out React and Vue. Which one of these two prefer on our hosting site? thanks

I haven’t used either of them to be honest.

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