How do i stop the useless emails from infinityfree

the do NOT have a return address.
i will NOT be using this software ever again
thanks fellow sufferers

InfinityFree is not a software, it is a web hosting company.

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What do you mean by this?

This is not software as stated by ChippyTech.


You can block or unsubscribe!


With a reputable company that should not be needed.
they do NOT have a return address. their email is from NOREPLY
I know it is a webhosting company with useless to me software.
i will never use the SITE again.
picky picky

I tried all hosting companies.
the ONLY one to NOT stop sending junk mail is…
you guessed it infinityfree who seem to be sending junk long after i gave up on it.
apparantly for infinity time.

May I ask why there should be a “return address” or whatever you call it? And as HELPINDIA suggested, you can block the email or unsubscribe.


Good to hear!!

It depends upon the mail you got. Obviously all system generated mail comes from NOREPLY only!

May be! User need may vary with respect to their job!

No one will force you until you asked for!

*Still now you are not saying what you need exactly!
If possible send screenshot!


I believe @HELPINDIA has answered OP’s query.
However, hosting account(s) could be deleted (due to inactivity or permanent suspension) without any warning as OP would be unable to receive any notification email.

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