How do I pay infinityfree, no ifastnet

I want to pay infinityfree, not ifastnet for upgrades, because, it looks mostly like a scam. I am happy with pricing, just want to upgrade though infinityfree and not this random company


Infinityfree is powered by Ifastnet.
Infinityfree does not has any paid plans
You have to go through that link and buy a premium plan and ask the support staff to move your website from Public servers to Superfast SSD Premium servers.


Where did you find the pricing of plans in Infinityfree?

On the plugin area saying premium hosting

It is premium hosting of Ifastnet, infinityfree is powered by them.

iFastNet is the actual seller. InfinityFree is the reseller. They are both trusted and well-known services used by thousands of people.


I trust infinityfree and like everything configured as it is already, don’t want to switch over

You cannot buy premium hosting of InfinityFree.

If you trust us, then please also trust us when we say that iFastNet is a great company and they provide an excellent premium hosting service.

Like others have said, Infinity Free only does free hosting. If you want to upgrade, you should go to iFastNet, because they can import your entire account and seamlessly plug it into their premium hosting infrastructure.


Are there any other complications involved like cloudflare getting confused or the DNS settings being messed up ? Also will the cPanel settings be lost ?

iFastNet can migrate your site and settings to your premium account. But if you manage your own DNS records, then iFastNet can’t automatically update those, and you’ll need to update those by hand.


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