How do i edit CHMOD permissions

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I am trying to edit CHMOD permissions but nothing is happening

Hi and welcome to the forum! Editing CHMOD permissions is disabled on free hosting because, if you use it wrongly, you could accidentally lock yourself out of the files. Why do you need to edit CHMOD permissions?


i need to install an ;aravel api server which requires permissions in storing files/data

I need to install a laravel api server that requires those permissions to work

For your information you cannot use this hosting for hosting API unless it is for the website which is hosted on the same account.


yes it is a website hosted on the same site, the api would allow me to interact with the mobile app users plus the web easily

You cannot make requests to InfinityFree from external sources like a mobile app. And even if you could, I don’t see how this would be a CHMOD issue.


In our hosting, PHP runs under the same user that owns the files in your account. This means that your PHP code can read and write to any files on the site, but additional restrictions are in place so it can only access files from it’s own htdocs directory. Accessing files outside of the htdocs directory of that site is not possible.

So there is no reason to ever use CHMOD. PHP (Laravel) already has write access to its files. And if you want to, say, restrict write access to config files: you can’t do so without locking yourself out as well.

This is why the CHMOD functionality is disabled: you never need it, and incorrectly using it can mess up your account.

If you’re having trouble setting up Laravel, please elaborate on the actual problem you’re having so we can help you make your website work. I can guarantee you: the solution doesn’t involve chmod.


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