How do I change my domain?

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I wanna make the main domain but I don’t know how
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As soon as you click on something, the url is still my old domain ( but I want it all to be
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You will need to add your domain as an Addon domain and remove the Also make sure that you have a backup of your website files from the domain

Also, be careful when using the Redirects tool with domains you own yourself. You just make redirect to, which creates a redirect loop. Please remove the redirect from the Redirects tool.


I made the addon domain and removed but only the home page is, as soon as you click on something it sends you to a parking page of How do I fix this?

All the buttons redirect to and I want to make it but I don’t know how, that’s what I want to know.

Ohhh simply edit your website by removing the link and by replacing it into link.

Yeah but I don’t know how to make the buttons change, go to and click on a button like “member list” it will still send you to

@Zlolkill Or reinstall the forum CMS to


As far as I understand, you want your old URL to redirect to new URL?
Yes you must rectify your CMS.

Also I think these redirects will help you:

Check this page out right now and this will surely help you!


Do I paste that in the .htaccess document?

htaccess folder?
I think you are confused with .htaccess and htdocs.

.htaccess is a file inside htdocs folder.
htdocs is a folder that represents your domain directory.

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I meant do I have to paste that in the .htaccess file

Sorry? I gave the link which has many redirects.
You don’t need to paste everything from that to here.
Paste according to your needs.
Also make a backup before modifying htaccess!

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Can you specify the complete information, like the CMS you are using, like the old domain and the new domain?
I will research if you do so for you. @Zlolkill

I use myBB for this forum, and the old domain was but I changed it to
(I just did the redirects and it says “too many redirects” so I think that means that it’s updating or something cause it also said that yesterday when I changed the domain.)

Could you just try to reinstall the myBB forum from Softaculous? And install it to your new custom domain.

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Yeah but then all my files will be lost, right?

Make a backup and then restore!