How do i add more than one webpage

Please could you explain how to add more than one webpage for example “[email protected]/secondwebpage”

I seem to only be able to add a page to the main webpage? I’ve tried adding a folder within htdocs but this hasn’t worked.

Many Thanks

This is how it should work. What did you do and how do you see it doesn’t work?

It would help a lot if you could provide some real domain names and website URLs so we can check this for ourselves rather than have to ask you for every little detail.

The domain is [email protected]/isaacspastasalad

The error message 404 page not found appears

Many Thanks


Create a page (file) called isaacspastasalad.html
next to the existing index.html


the simplest form is to add this to index.html

then save … and CTRL + F5 in the browser to clear the possible cache and display the actual state

(of course create both the content and the base code in that second page)

and then you link those two pages with some link or menu


Creating links, etc.


Thank you! That’s really helpful.

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