How could I delete the "htdocs" folder

I don’t have permission to delete that. I have a different domain name same as the folder. How could I delete that folder and any folder? (I won’t mess the whole thing up, I know what i’m doing.)

I think we can’t delete htdocs folder even if the domain was removed.

It is imposible to, and why would you want to delete it anyway?


What is the purpose in deleting it?

There is one option:

  1. Backup and Download the files you need
  2. Deactivate the account (it will be deleted after 60 days of deactivation unless reactivated)
  3. Create a new account with the domain you want
  4. Open the the htdocs folder and upload your stuff there.

If you have unnecessary folders, too many directories etc. it would be a mess.

Hmm,That doesn’t matter anyways,no one’s gonna login to our ftp and complain us"Hey why is your ftp messy?"

He meant the owner him/herself, what has it to do with others?

I meant the owner. Some people like things tidy :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s best to give people a solution to the question rather than ask them why they want to do it. It’s not any of our business, so we stick to the question and give them the best possible solution.


Okay! but anyways if it was mine I don’t care

Opinions are different you know.


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