How can I work with cloudflare?

Hey their,

I am trying to work with cloudflare. However, and error occurred telling me that invalid user key.
How can this problem be solved??


Do you still experience this problem? Cloudflare seems to be working fine from here.

Hello again,

It still giving me the same error. However, when I am testing the host location for all host domain it gives me Cloud Flare from New York.
Is that mean it works or not ??


Can you please tell me how to reproduce that error? Where do you click and what do you enter?

Hello @Admin ,

On the cPanel, I press cloudflare → Choose a domain ( → I press Enable Cloudflare.
The error message is as follows: ERROR CLOUDFLARE: not_token_user like that.
Notice that I checked the ip location at and noticed that the host moved to New York , New Jersy.
So, is their any problem ??


This is the exact error!!