How can I use cloudflare SSL on my account?

Well, what I’m looking for is to make my website address stay with SSL, but I did something. I bought the domain in another company, and the site itself is within the infinity free, so I use the DNS and paste the Infinity nameserver there in the company’s panel, so far great. However, I want to use ssl for cloudflare, since here on the panel there is a cloudlfare option. I enabled cloudflare and now I’m waiting for DNS propagation to happen, but my question is. When the propagation is done, my address will have https. I marked that it was to enable cloudflare for this domain within the infinity free panel and everything is fine. However when this propagation happens I will have https in my domain?

It should be applied automatically. You can manage further ssl site settings (such us forcing https etc.) at


So when the propagation happens my ssl will be applied automatically?

Use flexible ssl until ssl certificate is installed on origin server.

I do not understand, but when I entered the site it gave Error 1016, and I do not know what account I have to enter cloudflare to configure more things

You should have received an email with your account details if you haven’t used cloudflare before. And you can log in at

You might be using full ssl and visiting over https
try using flexible ssl instead.
Also, this topic will be helpful for you

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I didn’t receive any email from infinity free with the dads in my account, I just clicked enable on the paiel and they didn’t give me any more now I’m lost. When I join this: It was not possible to establish a secure connection with this site

You should receive a email from Cloudflare regarding your password.

Okay, I have now received the email. However and my login password for cloudlfare?

Regarding the DNS issue, it’s possible that some DNS settings were not set up correctly. To fix it, simply disable and re-enable Cloudflare in your control panel. You should not have to wait for DNS for that to work again.

Regarding the SSL error, IIRC Cloudflare takes up to 24 hours to issue SSL certificates for free accounts. And after that, you may still need to configure your website to actually use HTTPS, like update URLs on your page and setup redirects to enforce HTTPS.


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