How can i turn off my server turn it back on and turn it on? I am in free version

how can i turn off my server turn it back on and turn it on? I am in free version

You can’t. It’s a shared server, meaning it hosts many websites from different users. I know that “turning it off and back on again” can often fix many issues, but restarts cause some downtime, and we don’t want everyone’s websites to go down for a couple of minutes multiple times every hour because someone hopes it will solve their problem. So only server admins can restart servers, and will only do so if there is a good reason to do it.

What problem are you having that you think restarting the server will fix?


Good morning ! I don’t have an emergency or anything else that would make me ask for a restart it’s just that I thought that re-launching my website from time to time could be good

I’m not sure what you mean by “re-launching” your website, but restarting the server isn’t going to make your website any better. PHP code is started fresh for every request, and static files don’t really “run” at all.

It is good practice to regularly install security updates, especially if you use a CMS like WordPress. But that doesn’t involve restarting anything, just replacing the code currently on your site with updated code.

Restarting servers also needs to happen from time to time, for example to apply security updates. But those updates, and any restarts to apply them if necessary, are done by server admins, not by website owners. Server admins are responsible for making sure the servers run fast and safe, and only they have the tools necessary to do so.


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