How can I modify OPcache on my server

No puedo moficar OPcache en mi server

Translation by MOD: I can’t edit OPcache on my server

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What exactly do you mean, and do you get any screenshots or anything, also, please speak english, as this is an english forum, use a translation tool, like google translate (

I can’t mofice OPcache on my server

v Lol, Didn’t do research! Possible answer below v

I translated it better for us all to understand. Next time please speak in English or at least use a machine translation tool.

As for your question, PHP Opcache is not available on free hosting, so you can’t edit its settings, nor can you edit php.ini to include Opcache. You may install Drupal without opcache if you want, but that will lack some caching features.


good afternoon how can I modify php.ini to activate OPcache to install drupal

Please don’t create multiple topics about the same issue. I splitted your posts in this topic; next time that happens it will be flagged appropriately and then deleted. The answer you’re looking for is on the third post of this article.


That is not possible on free hosting sorry :frowning:


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