How can I delete a sub domain directory?

I try deleting Subdomain directory it denied me access error message "Error during FTP delete directory permission denied at :/

Please help me

Unfortunetley that can’t be done on free hosting, supposedly due to legal issues.

What you can do is add the letter “z” at the beginning of the directory to move it to the bottom (it’s alphabetical order).

You can also rename it to something such as “Deleted” or “zDeleted” to move it to the bottom.


I can’t be removed I said Subdomain not deleting

You cant delete it. You can however, rename it. Please read @FreeServices’s reply.


It didn’t let me rename it. I showed this in another thread.

  • First of all you can rename your root htdocs folder /htdocs
  • You can rename your sub-domain folder like to
  • But you can’t rename’s htdocs due to permission error

Here is my example


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