How Can I change my Name Server from one Hosting to Another Hosting

Hi Team,

How I change my domain Name server from infinityfree to another hosting provider. Can you please help me in this. I need to move with other hosting service provider. I had tried, but unfortunately I failed to found.

Team, please help me out from this issue.

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My Domain name was, Now I need to change to other hosting provider. Please help me out from this issue.

Thanks in Advance.

Head over to your domain registrar (Yours is Go Daddy), select your domain, click edit DNS, and set the nameservers to the ones of your choice.
Best of luck!

  • Go to your domain control panel.
  • Remove infinityfree’s nameservers / DNS
  • Add your new hosting company’s nameserver.

Pro tip: if you ever want to move to a new provider, check with the new provider what you need to do to get your website moved over there.

  • Any company is more willing to welcome new people than help people use their competitors.
  • Only your new hosting provider can tell you which settings they need you to set to use their services. I don’t know which nameservers or DNS records or anything else you need for “undisclosed new hosting provider”.

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