How can i change my DNS settings?

How can i change my DNS settings?

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Usually the settings are located at the company you bought the domain from or from your web-hosting company. When you are logged in, there is usually a menu where you can modify your DNS settings.


Which DNS settings are you looking for exactly?

You can change your domain’s nameservers at the place where you bought your domain name. From there, you can control which provider manages your domain’s DNS.

Your domain is currently using our nameservers, which means any DNS records should be setup through us. However, we only offer limited DNS controls on free hosting: we only support MX, CNAME and (limited) TXT records. Those can be configured through various sections in the control panel.

If you can explain what you want to do in more detail, we can give you more specific instructions on how to do it.


I want to configure TXT records, but i cannot find the setting option in the panel. I also watched the instruction but I am missing the option to edit the TXT records. It was not always like that, some time ago i could find it


There is no dedicated TXT record section, but you can use the SPF section to add TXT records, as SPF records are a type of TXT record.


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