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(Dear InfinityFree Forum, i have problem i need to know how can i change mx cause my mail is not working please help me :slight_smile: )

If you are using an external service you can add mx record under email section.


Thank you for your reply, my problem is that i can’t recieve any email on my business email in yahoo soo they tell me to contact the hosting support to change my mx they also game me the Mx records for Yahoo Small Business soo can you please tell me what can i do ?

I checked your domain’s actual DNS results and the settings in your MX records, and they both show that your domain has the MX record

If this is not what the MX records should be, please check which MX records Yahoo says you should use, and then go into the MX Records in your control panel, delete the current MX record for and add the MX records specified by Yahoo.


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