How can I add custom domain if my domain hosting survice doesn't support NameServers?

The domain hosting survice does not support to configure the namespace. It only supports CNAME, A, AAA, and txt.
What can I do to connect this domain to infinity free hosting?

Right now, there is no way to add a domain name to a hosting account without changing the nameservers first.

If your domain registrar does not support setting custom nameservers, you should find a different domain registrar. Setting nameservers on a domain is a standard feature of domain name registration. Almost all providers offer it, so you can transfer your domain name to almost any provider of your choosing and not have this issue.


This is not good, your domain registrar must have or supported editing nameservers.

What is your domain registrar anyways?

That’s just a Korean domain hosting service.
I think, I need to use iframe until the admin of the hosting service add nameserver feature.

Better use another domain registrar next time! Good luck!

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