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Can anyone tell me where i can find my host name?

It’ll be in Cpanel->Mysql databases if you’re trying to connect to database


i am trying to change my existing domain with new domain. and i requires host name
how can i do it?

Pardon? can you take screenshot of where you’re trying to change hostname?


here i am trying to add host name and its IP. but i could not find my host name on my new domain, As i have change my server.

Im confused on that but maybe try use this:
as the hostnames

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applied, but it shows this message. why

can anyone guide me how can i change my old domain with new one?

i purchased my new domain from, now i want to integrate it on my website without any loss of data

that is quite normal. It is okay since Infinityfree will manage your DNS records.

okay but how can i change my domain name

Kindly read this article,

If you already have another domain name on the account and would like your new domain to have the same content, you can use the Parked Domains option to add the domain. In there, you simply have to enter your domain name and choose the domain you want to make it an alias of.


yeah now it worked…thank you so much

Your welcome! Happy to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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