Hosting Volume Not Showing

Hello admin
Hosting volume is empty in my account
My Username is epiz_27822374
My Website Url is

I can see your website


Can you send a screenshot of your issues?


oh sorry that hosting volume in the accounts page, Ive never seen that issue before

Any Idea
How To Solve It?

It could be a server side issue with your account that only infinityfree can solve

just out of curiosity if you go to cPanel and check bottom right you should see account details and the volume should be where ive marked this in red

another thing you could try is upload this php code on a test page and it should display your volume as part of the document root path (home directory)

<?php echo $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; ?>

The Hosting Volume is synced in the background. It could be that it hasn’t been synced yet so the field is empty. If you want to know for sure, you can check it in the control panel.

Note that the hosting volume being displayed there is just because it’s sometimes useful for outage communication. Whether or not a value is shown there doesn’t affect your website.


It’s showing in my control panel.
Thank you lovebug
Thank you admin
Thanks to all

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thank you iamgautam , im happy to help where i can


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