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hello I want to know how strong is the free hosting traffic to visit and also overcome when the website is 504 bad gateway, thank you very much. this my website

@epiz_29462687 maybe your doubt’s solution is in the docs article:

Your website is working fine, and I’m not quite sure what your asking. Can you try rephrasing it in a clearer way?

I mean, I want to ask for this free hosting, is there a limit for visitors, for example, when many access the load from high hosting, it will usually be an old website and often the website is isolated, 504 bad gateway, what is it because of the server side or visits, but after a while it’s back to normal, thank you

Yes, but that limit shifts based on how server intensive your website is. A WP site will get less visitors before hitting a limit than a static site, because of the difference in server power required.

Still not quite sure what you are asking by this.

To my knowledge, there is no 504 Bad Gateway error. Error code 504 is for Gateway Timeout, and error code 502 is for Bad Gateway. They are different errors with different codes and messages. They are not interchangeable.

Can you please share the exact error you see?

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