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Hi, my domain is

I have it on but tuars is down or in mantenence how they says, but the problem is that i can not acess to my cpanel because it says that my login info is not correct, so i decide to reset my password but it says that may email y not registred, so i can not acess to my cpanel to delete my domain from there because i want to use infinityfree, but infinityfree says that i can not registrer my domian because is still on tuars.

It is like if tuars would have kidnapeed my domain, can any one help me?

Sorry if my english is not correct.

Thansk a lot!

You can access your panel with your Tuars’ cPanel account credentials from

thanks but i did it, and it does not worked

Can you please clarify what exactly doesn’t work? Do you still know your Tuars username and password? Or username and email address at least (so you can still reset the password)?

Yes, i know my user and password but i doesent work, and when i want to reset them the site says that my email is not registred, so i can not acces to my cpanel at tuars, so i can not delete my domain from tuars, so i can not create a new account on infinityfree using my domain.

Also I reset the password at but i can not acces to with that new password.

Is like if my domain is kidnaped.

Because now has a panel different than ours (cPanel vs VistaPanel), while their old system allows to access the accounts via VistaPanel. So next time please access the account with the new credentials from!

Thanks a lot! i finaly coul solve it with your advise!

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