Hosting error

my website with wordpress panal is not loding plz help me

**My website URL is:**

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

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Go to your Cloudflare dashboard, click on your domain and on “SSL/TLS” set the SSL option to “Full” if it was set to “Flexible” or “Full (Strict)”.


i am douing every thing but still is not opening plz help me
now is full

Then it’s a problem with their SSL certificate being replaced with an other one, or the SSL functionality broken on their configuration, as others have got the same error. I think we should wait for iFastNet to fix that.

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still is not loding plz help me

Same problem faced by me

No need to worry! Your websites are totally fine, main domain websites with SSL are currently malfunctioning due to a host’s cloud crash. Many users are currently experiencing this problem today, and simillar errors have occured in the past with the admin resolving the issue within a day.
Feel free to wait relax and stay relieved that the @Admin will resolve the problem as soon as possible
Best regards

why you are not helping me plz help my website still offline

Try to set the SSL option to “Flexible” instead of “Full” at the moment, and then follow this guide to change the HTTPS URL to HTTP from the database. After that problem is solved, you can set the SSL option back to “Full” and change the HTTP URL to HTTPS from the database.


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