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Welcome back! Your website is working fine for me:

Please try clearing your cache.

Mods, question below.

Is this part of the server upgrades I think are happening?

(Shown on IP at 02:27UTC 01 Oct. 2022)


Adding into what wackyblackie said, is your Invision installation valid?
Invision Community is paid software (just Core + Forum is $250), and because of that price, I have reason to believe you are using a nulled version.
Plus, when I enter your domain on the Check Licensed URL tool, it returns as not licensed.
Using nulled scripts violate our TOS sections 7 and 10, so if you didn’t pay for a license, I would recommend you remove Invision and install other forum software (such as the ones available in our Softaculous).


I saw that three years ago, so I believe that nothing has changed.


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