Hosting and space

Hello. I don’t know how to post and ask questions. The site is not working, just loading and I have not being able to edit or work on a one page website. I use Elementor as builder and I have done and tried all the support they offer. It also said I have used up the memory allow, so to sign up with ifast. What is that all about I thought this is a free hosting and I only need to use it until I can make some money to pay for hosting.

This is a no no. It does not work well on free hosting


What should I do. The host should let people this things

Is this the same Bobo?

You can use Elementor, but the performance will not be good and may crash your site. You may also hit the usage limits quickly


Elementor is a REALLY heavy plugin, and the system requirements it has are higher than we can provide for free. Please consider using a more light weight website builder, because Elementor is really bloated and requires powerful hosting to run well.


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