Host FTP is not true

Hi Hosting Support,

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software: FileZilla Client

Additional information:
I opened the CMD and added the following code:


Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again.

* For information: I tried to connect in more than one different device and over a different network and the result was the same.


For me works fine (tested with an Italian IP). For you maybe the ISP is trying to block connections to it, so try to use a VPN to connect to it.

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Thanks for your prompt reply,

I tried to use vpn, but the same result appears.

As I can see, you are using Psiphon 3 to connect to a VPN. Can you please go here to see the full IP address, but not post a screenshot of it, and try to go to on your browser? Or if it doesn’t work, can you try to execute this command on a Command Prompt:


and see what it says?
However, I used an Italian IP coming from a ISP (I have TIM’s fiber connection, limited at 30 Mbps because of the old modem), not from a VPN, to test the FTP server if it works, so you might expect some issues. I recommend as VPN services TunnelBear and ExpressVPN, even if ExpressVPN costs more than TunnelBear and offers almost the same, but with different and more locations.

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Is same result appears.

  1. I visited the website for show my new ip, is changed:

  2. I tried visited but not working.

  1. I tried using the following command:


I got this result:

Try to use as FTP server, or unblock all TCP and UDP ports on your firewall (if there is).

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Now is works using IP: (without VPN)

Thank you so much,

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