Hmm what is wrong with

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It worked before ok

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hmm what is wrong with $result = $con->query($sql); as on page

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I see an error message

Warning : mysqli_connect() [function.mysqli-connect0]: (HY000/2002): No such file or directory in /home/vol1_2/ on line 108
Failed to connect to MySQL: No such file or directory

Can you share your code?


Also, I would update this part of your code in order to ‘future proof’ it:

Deprecated : The behavior of unparenthesized expressions containing both ‘.’ and ‘+’/‘-’ will change in PHP 8: ‘+’/‘-’ will take a higher precedence in /home/vol1_2/ on line 217


Fetch sql throw: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘=’, expecting ‘;’ or ‘,’ in /home/vol1_2/ on line 105

Call to a member function query() on bool.

Sounds both deprecated from same problem caused. Ussually caused no data, or mysql system upgrade.
you need to look one more time on your code.

Simple debug. Make the line as comment by adding //. And see the next error.

No, commenting out an MySQL statement is not going to fix anything, in fact, it will probably result in more errors that can’t be fixed unless you fix the MySQL statement.

Don’t ignore errors, fix them


Old programmer will use it to counting row cursor. but future mysql didn’t allow you to get its value.

I was countered the problems. And i lazy to open books. I was forgot. Xd. My fault.
Can you show us more code before??
2 or 3 lines before

I guess it caused by your access method. Debugging sometime not correct to show what line exactly got error. So see the lines before too.

My guess is that it’s a result of this error:

It seems that your code is trying to connect to database hostname localhost, which doesn’t work here. Because of that, the function that’s supposed to return a connection object tends to return false instead. And when you try to use it as a query object, you’ll get this error, because you didn’t get a query object.


Though. Its because some statement like counting recorcount before fetch.

I could not reply was going to post code for you yesterday but your forum system forbid me as newbie telling me I had to wait 15 hours to reply. In this time I put WordPress on instead but still have not got that totally running as my wp_login wont see to run Your agents have suggested that this maybe a feature of your new websites server issues which are being resolved ?

Thankyou for providing a pointer to localhost , however the control panel doesn’t share anything else to use that I can find could you help? I note the ftp server is not ‘local host’ either so am not surprised this would be different too.

Now it said 21mins oh dear sighs.

Can you please share the code you are using to connect to, and query the database?


Reading the discussion here it seems you’re using wrong credentials for connection.
In your config.php file:

$server_name = "";
$server_username = "yourIFuser";
$server_password = "randomchar";
$database_name = "epiz_example_name";

Check are these correct? You will find these credentials on home and cp.

Thanks Shazam noted but problems still persists with SQL
L pages hopefully it will be resolved again ?

I do not see previous error message, instead I see a dozen more. So the connection error is probably fixed.

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