Hitting MySQL limit & got suspended: No clue what's causing this


I got suspended twice for hitting MySQL limit.
I initially thought this was due to the server issue that has affected many sites for the last several days but it seems I was wrong.

Technical Legendz has suggested to check the WordPress plugins so I’ll list them.

I am sort of desperate now for I’m such a noob I don’t even know what I’m doing lol.
No way I can figure out why I get suspended myself…

I’d actually been receiving EP/CPU warnings a few times but after I’ve revised wp-config.php to stop auto saving, they have calmed down.

What I’ve done after that was pretty much only this; linking Google console to Yoast SEO and then I got suspended twice.

My only theme:Astra

Nimble Builder
Companion Auto Update
Display Post
WP Last Modified Info
WP Fastest cache
WP Optimize
Google Font
Yoast SEO
Yoast Duplicate

I hope I listed all. I can’t check now.
Now I need to stay up till 2:30am in my time to deactivate all the plugins…
Thank you.

Hmm, What does MySQL overloading mean - Docs - InfinityFree Forum

Do you find any plugin freqently querying the DB or a plugin creating multiple connections?

And for a test try disabling some(the most not needed ones) plugins and check whether it works.

Here, in this situation, we should try a trial and error method


Hi Thank you Soundar for your advice.

My brain can’t follow your question below, but

I understand below so I’ll try.

I’ll just disable all the plugins in a few hours before I go to sleep.
I’ll test which one can be safe when I have time in the afternoon.
I got suspended while I was sleeping so I hope it won’t happen this time…!!

Thank you for your help.

Edit:I won’t disable below plugins for now. I’m worried it will destroy my site.
Nimble Builder/Display Post/WP Last Modified Info/Google Font


Try disabling the other plugins and we will see


I see you are using an “auto-updater” plugin. I suggest disabling that plugin forever may help, since when that plugin updates content or something frequently, then it may generate unwanted nasty hits that overloads the limits. Based on my experience, an auto-updater plugin will not work correctly in Infinityfree.


Thank you DigibytechsOrg!

I will forever delete it for sure!

ughh I forgot I got Contact Form 7 as well so It’s 10 of them…
I don’t think I can live without this plugin though.

I’ m also thinking of deleting Fastest cache and trying to make WP Optimizer do every cleaning.

10 more min. to go till resurrection…

May I bring this to your attention first;

The stats are all saying,
“There is currently no data to show for this graph”

So I cannot see what has been wrong!
Could this be that the whole data of mine have been just screwed?

It has turned out I got more than 10 plugins installed…!
My Plugin Info Update*******
Wp Fastest Cache deleted
Yoast SEO deleted
Companion Auto Update deleted

Contact Form7 deactivated
Wp Mail SMTP deactivated
WP-Optimize deactivated
WP Migrate DB deactivated
Yoast Duplicate Post deactivated

Display Posts
Fonts Plugin Gogle Fots Typography
Nimble Page Builder
Really Simple SSL
WP Last Modified info

Now I sort of worried about WP Migrate DB,
it says “Exports your database as a MySQL data dump (much like phpMyAdmin), does a find and replace on URLs and file paths, then allows you to save it to your computer.”

Could it be it’s been pressuring MySQL? but I’ve only done it manually and an export file is such a small file.

okay i need to sleep now.
There’s not much I can do atm.

Talk to you guys later.
(I’m very scared of seeing suspension notice again…!!)

Hi all,

I just wanted to give an update…

Still got Ep warning today & “This site/page has used all available php/ apache” message
every now and then
Far from perfect, but no more suspension due to MySQL issue since.

I figure out this was due to WP Migrate DB plugin,
And I apologize. I obviously haven’t read the article below.

I’ve noticed ppl come here asking for help, being told not to use backup plugin.

How to backup your website - InfinityFree Knowledge Base

So, I will backup manually, which is totally fine.

Thank you all for your help. I almost gave up, Thank you. :sparkling_heart:


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