Hitting I/O limit


Daily I/O limit being hit

Running wordpress, as many plugins disabled as possible, using caching plugin, nothing decreased I/O usage.

Just a hypothesis, but depending on how the caching plugin works, it could actually INCREASE IO usage. Caching does generally reduce CPU usage and database usage, but if it caches the stuff on disk, that would lead to more IO usage, not less.

I was having problems before and after using the plugin

I’m sorry, but there is not much I can do for you here. For all resource limits, we only keep counters per day and for the entire account. We have no information to help figure out when exactly your usage was high or which URLs, which scripts or which actions were responsible for this.

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Do you know a good WP plugin I can use to find out?

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I’m not sure if this can be analyzed by plugins in the first place, let alone if such a plugin exists. If it does, then I don’t know about it.

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Ok, thanks for your time

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