Highlight.js Not working On website hosted on infinityfree hosting

I recently introduced highlight.js on my website ( to highlight codes ). I first tried it on the local environment (xampp) and it worked smoothly. But when I put the same code and in the same way for highlight.js on my website it didn’t work. (even the console is not showing any errors it’s just not working (I thought maybe the hosting does not support it). Can anyone confirm if its the problem with my code( do I need to make changes) or the highlight.js is not supported by infinity free hosting.

How to confirm if you did not provide any info?
If you need help, you need to write clearly and provide precise info


I just wanted to know if highlight.js is supported by the Infinity free hosting. Add about my code. It’s working fine because I first tested the code on the local environment already (xampp).

Take note free hosting is running on linux.
I believe your xampp is running on Windows.
Please ensure code is meant for the correct environment.
I rest my case here

The server does not support Node.js, only PHP

Screenshot 2023-04-24 102617

src - highlight.js


tell that to @KangJL. I was asking the same thing whether infinity free hosting support that or not. I later saw that requirement in their docs and then I realized that infinity does not support node.js. Still Thanks for posting this.

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