High ping for big files

I recently noticed that, the bigger the file, the higher the ping. How may I fix this?

I would recommend splitting your file into smaller files if possible.

Also, use effective caching so that big files (that don’t change) are stored in the user’s device for the computer to retrieve it from the disk cache instead of having the website send it.

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When I say “Big” files, I mean video files of the size of 8MBs

Use a cloud service and pull files from there.

The file size limit is 10MB anyways, so you are dangerously close to the limit.


Ping is not related to file size. Ping does not relate to files in the first place.

If you are talking about some kind of performance metric, please call the metric by it’s name. Not every performance metric is called “ping”.

If you’re talking about download time, then of course that takes longer. The bigger the file, the longer it takes to download.


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