Hide index.html file extension if manually typed

I don’t use Cloudflare and I don’t even have an account with them.

I do have error pages set up though, as shown in my .htaccess file. But if I have to remove those to get it working, I’d rather not bother at all.

“thank-you” gives me a http 302 (moved temporarily).


Maybe that means I have to wait. What do you think @Greenreader9?

302 error pages can’t be modified. So I don’t know what could be redirecting it.


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I don’t know where to check. Sorry. :slightly_smiling_face:

Check control panel first.

There should be a section called something like “redirects”.


Nope. Not seeing that.

Um, you have to remove that somehow. I don’t think waiting will fix this one.

Yes, they can. You just have to find out how they got there in the first place. (.htaccess, CMS, control panel, etc.) and change/remove it.


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Well it’s none of those as far as I can see. And I’m starting to think that it’s not worth it. So I’ll change it back to how it was and just leave it.

Thanks anyway.

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