Hi m'y websites are suspended for no reason

Hi infinityfree support
I had 2 websites one working with WordPress and one with a script i just bought they both got suspended for no reason !!! I dont understand anything i have not done anything wrong
My websites are : https://hstia.ga
Please solve this since i have people working on m’y website !

Check the Client Area for the reason of your suspension.


They said abuse and illégal content but no one of this apply on m’y websites they both provide just a making money ways one of m’y websites is a GPT website that just started it has no users no postes and the second one has some users but nothing illégal its just some offers like any ptc website pls solve this !

This sounds like it violates the Terms.

I don’t know what this is, but if it has anything to do with the first one, it is probably also not allowed.

What my mind went to

GUID Partition Table


No they have nothing to do with each other + i also have another domaine on another free hosting service and it also got suspended for no reason as well and it has nothing there is nothing on the website… I Guess its a kind of attacks or smth

Well, you violated the terms, so there’s nothing you can do.

That’s because iFastNet suspends all accounts under the email address you used.


Please use the support ticket in the client are if you have any other questions.

We cannot assist you here.


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